Over the past 20 years,   PELUM Uganda has promoted sustainable land management practices among its member organization as a way of combatting land degradation and mitigating climate change effects while supporting sustainable human livelihoods. The network recognizes sustainable land management practices as key to enabling farmers and communities to adapt, as well as become more resilient to climate change by increasing food production, conserving soil and water, enhancing food security and restoring productive natural resources.

It’s in this regard that PELUM Uganda supported three of its Member Organizations (AFIRD, EADEN and The Hunger Project) to participate in the 24th Source of the Nile Agricultural Trade Show that was held from 11th -17th July 2016 in Jinja district. The trade show was organized under the theme “Promoting sustainable agricultural land management for agricultural transformation and wealth creation”. It brought together different stakeholders in the agricultural sector to share experiences, learn from each other, exploit market opportunities and showcase latest research, innovations and sustainable land management practices.

DSC07676 (1)

Land management practices exhibited

  • Soil fertility management crops.
  • Urban farming practices.
  • Community based seed conservation practices.
  • Diverse indigenous food crops in relation to their relevance in biodiversity conservation.

Demand:   The demand for indigenous foods was exceptionally high. Farmers  ran out of supply amidst demand from show goers. “I cant believe people have bought all our food and fruits and there is still demand for more,”  said Mukasa Balamu, a farmer affiliated to EADEN.

Farmers made business deals with exporters of indigenous fruits and foods.

On the downside, there were limited quantities of indigenous food that couldn’t satisfy the demand. There is need for farmers to ensure continuous supply of indigenous foods and fruits in large quantities if the business deals with exporters are to materialize.


About the Writer

Erick Kizito
Erick Kizito

Erick Kizito works as a Programme Assistant for the Virtual Livelihood School Africa (Uganda) and Sustainable Farming Systems Programme at PELUM Uganda




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