From 14th-19th 2017, the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD) will organise a “Land Awareness Week-(LAW)” in Amuru Sub County in Amuru district.

The event will be done in partnership with varous stakeholders including; Amuru District Local Government, PELUM Uganda,  LANDnet Uganda, the Food Rights Alliance (FRA), the Eastern and Southern Africa farmers Forum (ESAFF), ActionAid, ZOA, International Justice Mission (IJM), Solidarity Uganda, the Acholi Religious Leaders’ Peace Initiative (ARLPI), the Legal Aid Service Providers Network (LASPNET), International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR).





The purpose of the Land Awareness Week-(LAW) will be to provide platforms for massive community awareness raising and community capacity strengthening on land rights, land governance, administration and land laws for effective and improved delivery and accountability in the land services. Specifically, the event will be used to;

  • Raise awareness of smallholder farmers (women, youth, PWDs and men) and grassroots organizations on land rights, land laws and collective advocacy to enhance their effective engagements in land governance and land administration.
  • Provide a forum for small scale farmers (women, youth, PWDs and men) to dialogue and hold the land duty bearers accountable for the delivery of land services.
  • Strengthen the linkages between various local, regional and national platforms engaged in land rights advocacy.
  • Document land rights issues and evidence to inform national level advocacy.

Planned activities include;  open public sensitization at parish levels, music exhibition on land rights, media engagements through radio talk shows, and Mobile legal clinics.

For more activities of the Land Awareness Week-(LAW), please read the Concept Note on the LAW as well as the week’s program


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